2017 was a year of great changes for the marketing areas. Thanks to the technologies that emerged or were consolidated. Providing new options for approaching the consumer. 2018 will be a year of great consolidation, since this year and the previous. One emerged technologies that are beginning to be applied today. But still need to mature. So we are about to see campaigns and actions that are very different. From what has been done up to now. Below I share the four trends that will define digital marketing in the next year and probably the following years: For its acronym in English Artificial Intelligence, artificial intelligence reached marketing with forceful tools that look like something out of science fiction movies.


But applied to daily work can be very useful to reach the consumer in a very innovative way.

One of the most popular AI applications are Facebook Chatbots, which in a nutshell are robots programmed to carry on conversations with people, mainly with a service focus and even for sales. Chatbots are beginning to Bahamas Whatsapp Number Database gain popularity in brands that receive a large volume of questions, doubts and complaints, which require attention to each one and often do not have enough staff to do so.

This video can help explain what are and what they can be used

In 2018 we will see a significant growth in the use of Chatbots. Mainly in large brands and especially in those that focus on B2B. Today, thanks to the speed of the Internet connection. It is very easy to watch videos online and the main. Social platforms know this, for this reason. They constantly offer tools to watch more and better online video. One of those tools that is growing like wildfire is live video. Which until the arrival of Periscope and Facebook Live.

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