Fabiola Camilla elected with the Tunisia Email List first majority in Santiago, who lost his sight due to the murderous repression of Piñera and representative democracy. When the protests were at the zenith and Piera was reeling and when the people had decided to carry out their movement to the last consequences in the face of “inactivity, passivity and Tunisia Email List complicity of politicians”, like Rafael Caldera of the 21st century, Gabriel Boric appeared, like a bird Phoenix to save his professional colleague Sebastián Piñera in the same way that he – in safeguarding representative democracy – had run to London to express his support for Pinochet, who was detained for human rights violations Tunisia Email List during the dictatorship.

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Thus a “savior” saved Tunisia Email List another “savior.” The pact of the political elites of November 15, 2019, largely paralyzed the protest and Gabriel Boric emerged as the main protagonist of the salvation of the system so that two years later – like Caldera – he could be elected president or at least, be a strong candidate to be when I Tunisia Email List write these lines. In 1994, Caldera was considered the “lesser evil” in the face of what was estimated to be the neoliberal irruption in Venezuela. A large number of forces came to support him, including the Communist Tunisia Email List Party (PCV) against the candidate who at that time represented the left.


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Thus, the “chirpier” [1] was Tunisia Email List constituted , the communists were the government for the first time since the beginning of representative democracy in 1958. An ex-guerrilla, Teodoro Pickoff, (like any Carlos Miami) ultra-leftist turned neoliberal, became Minister of Planning, privatizing everything that can be privatized, including the Venezuelan aviation company (VIASA), leaving all workers unemployed Tunisia Email List except one: Pickoff’s son. Thus, the “chirpier” left became neoliberal and privatizing, to the point that the PCV was forced to leave the government after Caldera’s “deception” that did the opposite of what had been agreed, in order to distance itself from the Tunisia Email List government. government of Carlos Andrés Pérez.

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