It is particularly sad that part of the left Panama Phone Number List unwittingly plays the game by associating social policy with colonialism and rejecting it. Social protection, I hope I have shown it, is not a consequence of colonialism and remains desperately needed. All people, all times and places, have the same needs and seek to meet them in different ways. But Panama Phone Number List collective protection is necessary, preferably in the form of rights and duties and in solidarity, on the part of all and for all. For the twenty-first century, the concept of social protection and social justice Panama Phone Number List will undoubtedly have to be rethought, but it is a task that must not be forgotten.

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More than ever, the link with Panama Phone Number List environmental and climate justice must be made, and it is precisely in this way that social protection can become truly transformative. In the end, the more than century-old declaration of the Constitution of the International Labor Organization remains valid: there can be no lasting peace without Panama Phone Number List social justice. The millions of people taking to the streets today, all over the world, are asking for exactly that: that their dignity be respected, that they can survive in a healthy environment, build a future for themselves and their children. Those who believe in the need for emancipation today will continue to defend modernity, economic and Panama Phone Number List social rights and solidarity, through thick and thin.


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Now that the Covid-19 crisis has once again highlighted Panama Phone Number List our interdependence, the fight for social justice is a global emergency, as is environmental justice. The two go hand in hand . The failure of the globalist policy of the so-called “climate agenda” or “green” is a fact of significant characteristics, which implies the failure to advance through the map of power drawn by Globalism in 1999-2021 and the failure to return to the map of power outlined. already by the American Continentalism and its later Tricontinentalista phase in 1966-2001. The power struggle between Panama Phone Number List NATO and the SCO, which takes the form of a confrontation between NATO and Russia on the Ukraine-Belarus border and on the internal Kiev-Donbas border in Ukraine, marks the limits of NATO post-Afghanistan 2021 to resolve in favor of the conflicts that it raises and that are posed to it.

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