A kind of resignation, customary and loss of South Sudan Email List amazement regarding death, intentional homicides, massacres, forced disappearances, kidnapping and other crimes, and – therefore – a loss of hope to get out of that long tunnel from the criminal maelstrom . It is a South Sudan Email List macro-business that benefits the same companies that produce arms from the United States, the banking / financial markets that launder illicit resources and that injects liquidity into the entire economic process, and agents of the State who collude or direct to these criminal companies. This generalized South Sudan Email List criminal violence, in addition to being part of thecapital accumulation processes .

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It is also a device of socio-political South Sudan Email List control that immobilizes the population and maintains it with fear to the surface. It is also a media phenomenon as the mass media contribute to constructing meanings and narratives through the magnification of South Sudan Email List violence. It is, therefore, a catalyst for the structures of power, wealth and domination that curtails the social fabric and the very sense of community; while drastically altering symbolic / cultural patterns. Faced with this scenario, is the civil structure of the State incapable of containing the spirals South Sudan Email List of violence that still rage in Mexico today?


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In order to combat corruption, the transfer South Sudan Email List of multiple functions of the public sector into the hands of the military is not only gestated in terms of fighting crime or the enforcement of public security, but also extends to areas such as the construction and South Sudan Email List management of basic infrastructure such as airports; immigration controls on the southern border; customs; the same social policy and the safeguarding and distribution of textbooks; and even the same confrontation of the pandemic by Covid-19 and the provision of vaccines; and the safeguarding, transportation, distribution and South Sudan Email List allocation of goods and services,

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