This is the case of the Matarraña region, in the French Email Lists Spanish province of Teruel, where several wind farm projects are already in the final appeals phase and are very likely to be installed soon. Many among the local population feel powerless to prevent the arrival of these million-euro investments that cause dire impacts on fauna, flora, landscape and social cohesion. “Here we have a debate French Email Lists between the need for renewable energy, where wind farms have a clear role, and the need to preserve the territory, the landscape. This doesn’t sit well,” said Eduard Susanna, a rural tourism business owner and olive oil producer based in Calaceite, in Matarraña. Wind power contributed 21.9% of the French Email Lists electricity consumed in Spain last year.

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The pressure to increase its French Email Lists share in the energy mix is fed by the commitment to decarbonisation and the upward pressure on electricity prices, which have soared to levels never seen before in Europe. This pressure is felt by Spanish communities near wind farms, which perceive wind power companies “as a very strong aggression”, according to Esperanza Miravete, a French Email Lists geography and history teacher from Valjunquera, a town of 338 inhabitants in the same region of Matarraña. “The same aggressions are taking place in [the less populated rural regions of] ‘empty Spain’,” Miravete said. “There is no figure of landscape protection, there is no natural park or French Email Lists anything that can stop an industrial implantation here.


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” Wind energy has already French Email Lists become a key aspect of global strategy, and is set for further expansion in the coming years. But there are downsides to this boom. The deforestation pressure on balsa has been brutal for the Amazonian Indigenous people of Ecuador, while the pressure on regions in Europe to host new wind farms French Email Listsbrings with it conflict. This has created a green paradox. We need to decarbonise the global economy as soon as possible, and wind energy is a central part of that equation. However, this form of renewable energy French Email Lists will not be ethical or sustainable until every component involved is guaranteed not to cause further harm to the planet and its peoples.

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