Sharpen your content strategy: this is how you find & improve your best content As a content marketer you have to explain and keep explaining what you are doing and why. That good content marketing takes time. That building a relationship does not succeed in one day or with a piece of content. By explaining this and showing results, you anchor content marketing and give it a permanent place in the organization in a sustainable way. In this way you create a culture for content marketing that will ensure that better, more targeted choices are made. Goodbye, nontent. Content specialists are responsible for planning, creating and sharing valuable content, building trust and building loyal relationships with audiences.

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Who chooses, is chosen Content marketing is one of the most important means of building loyalty. But then you have to dare to choose. You won’t get very far with an overload of content, with which you try to El Salvador Phone Number reach ‘everyone’. So how do you achieve success? Koen strongly believes in the vision of Seth Godin , who says that we should focus on “the smallest viable audience”, the smallest possible profitable audience. That means making choices and marketers find that very difficult, because choosing is losing, right? Take the time to have thorough one-on-one conversations with your target audience. What do they struggle with and how can you help them? That’s what it should be about, nothing more, nothing less.

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Only by understanding who your customer is will you understand why they don’t choose chocolate, but Tony’s Chocolonely . And why post-covid employees leave McKinsey en masse, and they choose (less well-paid) jobs that have a clear purpose. Make love, not content – ​​Cor Hospes The Foundations of Content Marketing Before you even start thinking about those fun formats, that fantastic podcast series or that strong long read, you have to work on the foundations, which should ensure a good anchoring and greater success. three rules in content marketing.

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