The new power will retain its Philippines Email List legitimacy if it is capable of representing the national collective will and preserving that attribute in the various stages of exercise of the acquired power. 2.- Elections within a crisis of democracy in Latin America Due to the aforementioned, we believe that the elections in Chile, as well as Philippines Email List those in Argentina, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras and others should be analyzed in a regional context. At present the elections are interrelated, either by neighborhood effects, by previous Philippines Email List identities between countries or by interference from the US, which tries to standardize its interests under a common parameter.

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Latin American democracies, built to Philippines Email List sustain and justify a global capitalist economic model, suffer in their functioning and structures the crisis of the system. For this reason, they are going through a situation of deep crisis: their institutions are unable to identify Philippines Email List and give space to citizen demands. On the contrary, imbalances and inequities worsen. Governments and large corporations, faced with an economic context of low growth or stagnation, resort to violating their own norms, encapsulate democracy in controlled electoral processes and Philippines Email List abandon and / or sabotage any form of participation of citizens in the course of their governments and the use of the wealth produced.


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As we have already pointed out, the Philippines Email List deformations of Latin American democracies explain the appearance of new subjects and emerging social political forces, disappointed by the democratic model, seeking to change it for participatory systems and putting a Philippines Email List stop to the excesses of the legislative and judicial powers. especially when it comes to progressive governments. Under the banners of democracy proclaimed by the US, between 2000 and 2010 there was a marked turn to a matrix and a neoliberal economic model that solved the problems of the Philippines Email List oligarchies and consolidated a model functional to the interests of capitalism.

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