The color of example, slightly green tomatoes can always be changed in a graphic program. But the firmness of the product cannot be restored by computer. Unripe products are also easier to cut and do not fall apart. The composition matters. If we are photographing a product that is to be used in a supermarket advertisement. It must first of all be clearly visible. In turn, for any other purpose for which we use food advertising photography (e.g. in a cookbook, on a blog or on Instagram), it is worth taking care of the composition of the entire photo. In addition to the food itself, it is worth adding elements that will be associated with it. For example, when we take a picture of pumpkin cream, it is worth sprinkling it with green parsley and browned sunflower seeds for variety.

Next to it yellow leaves

Chestnuts or other elements that are associated with autumn will look attractive. On the other hand, when the subject of the photo is a cake, we Illustrator Art Work can place a cup of coffee with appetizing foam, flour scattered on the counter or a teaspoon dipped in honey. Thanks to such treatments, the frame will be fuller, and the photo itself will be more interesting due to the variety of structures and colors. Movement is the key to success When we take a photo of a person, the movement, smile or look plays a big role. How can we ensure a dynamic effect in food photography? If we take a fruit or vegetable for the workshop, we can put it in the sink and take a picture under the stream of water. Thanks to this, the product will seem fresher and more appetizing.

Illustrator Art Work

When we photograph dumplings

We can pour them with liquid butter or blow flour in the background. The chroma key, commonly known as greenscreen and blue box, is Mailing Data Pro encountered by most people professionally involved in photography and film. It is an image processing technique that has been used since the 1930s. What is greenscreen and blue box processing? Greenscreen and blue box allow you to replace a uniform background with any background. The technique consists in excluding a color defined in the RGB color space. As a result, the color applied to the background becomes transparent. For this reason, chroma key is commonly used in photo shoots and film production. In the greenscreen one plane is used, and in the case of the bluescreen several. It is worth noting that their names are conventional. You can use both a background consisting of several planes.

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