Thanks for your feedback and the movie schedule update. All the best taking advantage of the premiere of the avengers. And the Norway Phone Number ant-man trailer, we want to show you what. Is going to happen in the coming years. The battle to determine which franchise is the queen. Of comics has been hotly contested for decades. Dc comics and marvel have been fighting for that title for a long. Time and today each publisher has iconic characters in people’s minds. But when it comes to film, marvel has taken all the Norway Phone Number money. Competition has increased over the years. Thanks to warner’s acquisition of dc comics and in turn of marvel by disney. This has given an almost epic character to the war between. Publishers to determine who dominates the universe of comics.

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Best option to start stan lee, the creator of superheroes such as iron man. And hulk, has seen how marvel has managed to raise billions. Of dollars with the films he has released and, although dc has. Achieved a very interesting historical collection. He cannot match the Norway Phone Number List numbers box office. So to seek to remedy this situation. They have designed an exhaustive 6-year movie plan. Dc comics strategy:2016: batman vs. Superman: dawn of justice and. Suicide squad 2017: wonder woman and the justice league2018: flash y aquaman2019: shazam and the Norway Phone Number. Second part of the justice league 2020: cyborg and green lantern.

In Addition, a Superman Movie and a Batman Movie Have

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Been announced but they still do not have a scheduled date. On the Norway Phone Number other hand, we have that marvel does not sit around waiting. And they have also designed a well-structured plan: 2015: avengers: age of ultron. And ant-man2016: captain america 3 and doctor strange2017: guardians. Of the galaxy 2 and thor: ragnarok2018: black panther. Avengers: infinity war parte 1 y capitán marvel 2019: inhumans and avengers: infinity. War part 2and in the Norway Phone Number middle there are also. Sony (in alliance with marvel) and fox with spiderman and x-men respectively. So who will win the great battle of comic book movies?

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