Read my article about Nike on my website . Conclusion The most viewed videos on my channel were often viewed well elsewhere, but I got visitors for other reasons. Trolls who wanted to express their hatred because the brand itself couldn’t do it, Americans who didn’t understand the Spanish-language story, a heavily criticized video that was quickly withdrawn by the brand but still widely covered in the media, a historic clip that is hard to find elsewhere.

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find, and a fine piece of film and editing work that won an Emmy. Alfred Verhoeven is in the final phase of his PhD research Marketing the Rainbow. He previously published about this for Frank Germany Phone Number watching , From representation to respect , The rules of target group segmentation , Get woke, go broke , Storytelling & the LGBT+ consumer: 4 inspiring cases , Netflix: target group segmentation or pinkwashing and Forbidden fruits: the (gay) commercials that did not go unnoticed . Want to learn how to make successful videos?

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It should be clear that video should not be missing in your communication mix. But what are the basic principles of a good video? What should you pay attention to when making a video? And how do you get as many views, shares & interaction as possible? If you want to learn more about this, the Training Video content marketing might be for you. Curious?

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