Of making its mark in history, but it seems hyundai has taken it to a new level. In a new video published by the company on youtube. We can see how the south korean company makes a girl’s wish. Come true by sending a message to her father. Everything normal until there. The Tunisia Phone Number only problem is that this is an astronaut and is in. The Tunisia Phone Number international space station. So to make the wish come true they. Came up with a totally radical concept. They asked stephanie to write a message to her father. They then made a plan of it and used the delamar. Dry lake in nevada as a writing sheet. But the pencils would be eleven hyundai. Genesis cars that would “Write” the message in the sand. With a well-crafted choreography.

Below We Can See the Video of the Realization Entitled “a

Message to Space”. It is worth looking at as it looks like a real work of art. It has more than two million visits at the Tunisia Phone Number time of writing this article. In addition, it is considered the Tunisia Phone Number List largest image made with car tires (5.5 square km). Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. But obviously this is not the first and probably not the last opportunity in which Hyundai seeks to make viral spots to attract attention. Apparently they have achieved it, since we can remember for example.

The Video in Which a Person Drives a Group of Cars Without

Tunisia Phone Number List

Pilots and then blindfolds himself. Almost 12 million visits 9 months after its publication on the Tunisia Phone Number network, make it a very successful video. Finally, and to round off the Tunisia Phone Number brand’s recent campaigns, we can add this one they did in collaboration (musical) with the band Imagine Dragons. It has almost 4 million views since it was published on YouTube just over 3 months ago.

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