In order to find out which are the most effective pages on face book. Millard brown presented the results of the first edition. Of the top fan pages contest for brand profiles in Argentina. Buenos arise Argentina in order to find out which are the most effective pages on face book. Mill ward brown presented the results of the first edition of the top fan pages. Contest for brand profiles that have the most influence in Argentina. Related notes: 50 percent of teens are tired of face book face book versus twitter. Info graphic ‘face book at work’ the version in which the social network. Works to compete with intercommunication through face book. In a country like Argentina that has a very high penetration of this. Social network among its inhabitants is key. This is why this study of pages that was presented this week is necessary.

Especially Taking Into Account the Relationship of Users With

Brands not only in the number of Likes. According to the investigation, carried out by Millard Brown Argentina, the Fan Pages that make up the first 10 positions stood out for these factors. If you are developing a digital marketing strategy, a page of a brand or you are going to Laos B2b List face a project, you must take these factors into account:Provide interesting and new information Tips and practical recommendations for everyday life Inspire by proposing idea include photos Include videos of interest to your followers The key is to offer value to users The Top Fan Pages of Argentina ▼ Argentine Air Force and Club Atlantic Coca and Dove Teletext and Sodium Mesquites and Arabella CMR Samsung.

Orange Card and Frizz Arabella Schweppes Twists Fishing Line

Laos B2b List

And coca cola life toddy and coke the flow of people immersed in social networks. Increases day by day around the world and the data shows it. In Argentina, 60% of the total population has an active account. In some social network among more than 30 countries. Argentina ranks third behind Singapore and Hong Kong. Julia Gonzalez regalia director of customer service and innovation at Millard brown. The poll 40 brands participated covering categories such as food. Alcoholic beverages non-alcoholic beverages personal care. Entertainment organizations retail financial. Services technology and telecommunications.

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