If we run all segments, you eventually arrive at the ultimate work experience. We have come a long way out of our comfort zone due to the crisis. If we can also let go of our past experiences, then that ultimate work experience is within reach. Work content We often say ‘you have to think outside the box’ when ‘the box’ does not exist. Everyone has their own box.

The First Twelve

Ten people what democracy means, you will get ten different answers. Everyone has had a different upbringing, went to different schools and we also experience different things. This Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List means that through our box we do not always perceive reality as it is, but as we (want to) see it. Then it almost seems as if our way of looking is the only right one.

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Do The First Twelve Months

Taking off your rose-colored glasses every now and then and looking through other people’s glasses helps you to break free from your own dominant perception and from your view of the world formed by it. Looking back on the past eight months, I think we’ve all gotten a different (perhaps temporary) view of the world. A great technique to break free from your own perception is to provoke and think back.

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