It is important to note that CI Italy Email Database netbooks have free software, which facilitates their re-functionalization, unlike proprietary software that makes this process difficult. Cell phones: separate paragraph Cell phones are devices with the fastest obsolescence, and with a Italy Email Database repair circuit that limits reuse due to lack of access to spare parts. Statistics are difficult to access in this area. However, GSMA, 8 the world chamber of cell phone companies, provides indices for the item. In the 2019 report, it indicates that in Argentina there is a 60 percent penetration of telephony subscribers, and a 69% adoption of smartphones. 9 Figure that can be read as an indicator of the number of people Italy Email Database without access to a mobile phone.

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DeLucas 10 is a company dedicated to Italy Email Database the refunctionalization of cell phones. Buy disused smartphones from an internet platform, recover them and sell them to the market with a guarantee and affordable prices. “Before the concept of used with a warranty existed, people discarded their phone in 12 or 14 months. Currently, the guarantee of quality and legitimate origin of these devices (that is, they Italy Email Database are not stolen or smuggled) can be extended up to four years ”explains the founder of the company. eleven Reuse as a cultural change One of the main aspects of the waste problem is the habits of the population. In the case of electronic waste, reuse presents the complexity of the repair, the technical knowledge necessary to do it and the difficulty of accessing spare parts, in a market that encourages throwing Italy Email Database away and buying new.


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However, another consumption Italy Email Database model is possible, and betting on repair over disposal is also possible. There are initiatives in Argentina that make repair a flag. Among them the Repair Club , an initiative of the Article 41 organization that holds meetings between Italy Email Database those who repair, those who want to learn and those who need this service. The initiatives that promote another form of consumption and disposal, allude to principles close to the hacker philosophy and its relationship with technology, with reference to values ​​such as shared technical Italy Email Database knowledge, open codes, collective action, collaborative mapping and democratization of information.

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