It is the graphic layer that will reach him first, the content will always come second. That is why the popularity of a website is determined primarily by the work of a graphic designer . The graphic concept of the website cannot be accidental. Its main purpose is to attract the attention of visitors. The company’s website is also its showcase, so it must prove professionalism and be pleasant to the eye and legible. Even the most functional site will not be visited if the graphics discourage it. That is why work on the visual layer of the website is multi-stage and must be entrusted to professionals. Step by step website design The first step in working on any graphic design is accepting the order and analyzing the client’s needs .

What impression does the customer care about

These are just some of the key questions that a graphic designer must ask before starting the actual work. This stage is extremely important. The success E-Commerce Photo Editing Service of the entire project depends on the exact knowledge of the client’s needs. The next task facing a web designer is to create a preliminary website design. It must be adapted not only to the client’s needs, but also to the technical requirements of the website. That’s why computer graphics they must have basic knowledge of programming or be in constant contact with IT specialists. The initial design, although it is not the final version of the graphic design, should be functional and accurately reflect the colors and fronts that we want to show to the client.

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However, even the best initial design is not everything

The concept created by us must suit the client. That is why the next stage of work on the graphic concept is to show it to the client. This is the perfect time Mailing Data Pro for any kind of comments or corrections. It is also the time of confronting the client’s ideas and graphics with the actual appearance of the website . As we mentioned at the beginning, the graphic concept is not only the appearance of the website. At the consultation stage, you should check the functionality of the website, its colors, contrast and quality of photos or graphics, especially if the latter play a key role on the client’s website. Creating the concept and initial design is the lion’s share of work on the graphic layer of the website.

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