Systematize WEEE data collection Kazakhstan Email List and control indices of procedures, social and demographic indices so that they are comparable. > Generate spaces for meeting and dialogue between actors in the chain: the state, private companies, workers, unions, environmental, social Kazakhstan Email List and digital organizations. > Increase links with the university to review the chain from different knowledge (engineering, economics, social sciences) to form an interdisciplinary view on the treatment of WEEE. The president of the United States, Joe Biden, has Kazakhstan Email List summoned 111 countries to attend his Summit for Democracy on December 9 and 10, which will end on Human Rights Day .

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“We welcome all countries, organizations, and Kazakhstan Email List individuals to support the Summit’s goals,” stated the State Department. However, there are 82 countries that have not been invited, including two large countries that are permanent members of the United Nations Kazakhstan Email List Security Council (the People’s Republic of China and Russia) and two small Caribbean countries (Cuba and Haiti). In the name of democracy, the US government is pushing its own agenda to consolidate and advance its national interests. This is not a summit for democracy, but a summit to form a Kazakhstan Email List group that restores the tarnished image of the United States.


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Foggy in what way? The Kazakhstan Email List Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index rates the United States as a “flawed democracy,” which is surprising given the source. What makes it “flawed”? Three points illustrate the situation: (1) the US electoral process is affected by the corrupting influence of money and lobby groups , while the dismantling Kazakhstan Email List of the Voting Rights Act has exerted adverse pressure on social minorities to vote. time to go to the polls; (2) The United States has the incarceration ratehighest in the world, with a clear bias Kazakhstan Email List against social minorities, especially in the application of the death penalty;


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