Social networks have become basic for the. Communication and interaction of millions. Of people and instagram is one of the platforms. That have best understood users. Without a doubt, the photo and video sharing app. Has become one of the most popular social platforms. It currently has more than 800 million. Monthly active users and, for a long time this. Application has been in charge of looking for various. Ways to improve the user experience. And make it more profitable for marketing purposes. In fact, according to figures from the platform itself. At the end of 2017 it already had a business. Community of more than 25 million accounts. And more than one million advertisers. That is why you are always looking for ways. To grow this business and marketing potential. One way that will be very attractive to brands and. That most of them will be forced to.

Why Do We Say It? It Is Nothing New to Refer to All the Action

That Instagram has implemented in order to generate an ecosystem of functions and tools that promote the relationship between brands and users. Or, maybe buy some sneakers, clothes or accessories.
Instagram Shopping, musical stickers for Stories, survey stickers, Pay to play, live streaming, Stories Uploads, Nametags and profile hashtags are just a few examples. In the Tunisia Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists case of the native payment function that the application quietly released earlier this month and that is only active – for the moment in the United States and part of the United Kingdom, it is designed to stimulate purchases directly from the platform. .

With These ‘in-house Payments’, Users Can Save Their Credit

Tunisia Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists

Card information with Instagram. Set up a pin for payments on their. Instagram profile while brands now. In addition to adding product tagging. Also count with the payment function; useful for fashion, retail and entertainment brands. Thus, for example, users can buy tickets for the cinema, theater or, why not also concerts. In addition to, of course, buying products or making reservations at restaurants, hotels and tourist services.

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