That almost willingly serves a superior power. He becomes the worker who puts stones in a building according to the widespread scheme of all pedagogical oppression. On the other hand art only exists because artists exist. And her story is nothing but the story of artists. And the importance of artists is different depending on the quality of their offering but also equal from the mere fact that they create. The edifice is not the set of stones but the set of many small independent and selfcontained individual constructions. DEFINITIONS AND TERMINOLOGY The form of communication.

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We organize our knowledge favor the formulation of definitions and require the definition of terms. When we refer to art it is good to accept these limitations Raster to Vector Conversion but also necessary to allow them wide leeway. Art like all areas of human intellectual activity moves in spaces dominated by metaphysics and abstraction. For this reason any attempt at definition always leaves out something very important possibly even the most important. This finding should not prevent us from formulating definitions but should make us at the same time complete each definition with a permanent question mark. The definition should be a starting point for thinking and work and never an aphoristic conclusion. But even greater is the need to determine the perimeter of the words. Because despite the abstract and metaphysical dimension of artistic.

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Relation to them is mainly through the undoubtedly inadequate and limiting language. It is therefore necessary to define the words so that our understanding in Mailing Data Pro the Babel of art is possible even if we all accept and constantly bring back to our consciousness the fact that no limit is absolute and inviolable. THE SPECIALIZED DIFFERENCE According to the above a definition of art would facilitate many cases of controversial confrontations. A definition would with the art world but not the defining distinguishing difference. The noticeable difference that is the element that would make us attribute to a work regardless of its quality the characterization of a work of art is what generates the biggest reactions from the public. And this because on the one hand the boundaries are indiscernible and on the other hand the content of the difference is abstract.

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