It is imperative to inflict a crushing Cameroon Phone Number List electoral defeat on those who have shown themselves insane, unworthy, malicious and incapable of governing the Brazilian people. He deserves to be legally swept from the political scene and pay for his crimes, so that we can finally live with a minimum of fair and sustainable Cameroon Phone Number List development, with social peace, with frank joy and collective happiness. To carry out this political and ethical diligence, within the limits of the Constitution of the democratic order of law, it is important in Cameroon Phone Number List my view to go through the following steps: Primero, does not compromise the ideals and purposes present in the origins and recoverable,

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such as the option for social policies that Cameroon Phone Number List serve the great impoverished and oppressed majorities, with transparency, with the ethics of the solidarity from the most vulnerable and with active and haughty sovereignty. Alliances will be made with parties with affinity for purposes and public policies. Likewise, it is important to guarantee the election of governors and, in due course, mayors and Cameroon Phone Number List councilors who in the regions and at the base support the central government with a sense of social justice and care for the life of the people and nature. Third , – the most important – to reinforce and, where necessary, resume the grassroots work by organizing popular committees of all Cameroon Phone Number List kinds so that they participate and articulate with existing organizations such as health,


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education, gender equality and Cameroon Phone Number List others. , creating citizen awareness. It is not enough to guarantee insertion into the current, perverse and anti-popular system, but to create awareness of change, which points to another type of society with participatory, ecological and social democracy. This grassroots work is Cameroon Phone Number List imperative if we want to create the conditions for a transformation that comes from below and create progressive and libertarian movements that translate dreams into viable and everyday practices. It is at ground Cameroon Phone Number List level where the new begins to be tested and the energy necessary to continue the re – founding of a new Brazil is fed

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