There are countries where access to the free internet is so restricted that it becomes a challenge to keep your social media up-to-date, for example, let alone to keep it up and running as an acquisition or sales channel. A VPN offers a solution in countries where the government is not so strict with digital freedoms.

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And we’re not just talking about North Korea or Cuba. China is a well-known example, but Turkey is also known for making it particularly difficult Poland WhatsApp Number List for internet users. With a VPN, blocked websites and online services are a thing of the past. You see, the existence of the VPN is not so bad for daily work. Do you want to use a VPN for your own digital security and privacy as a digital marketer?

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Very well. Using a VPN to become an even more complete online professional? Even better! Would you like to learn more about privacy and customer data? [Email & Privacy Online Course] The AVG/GDPR privacy law has an impact on your communication and marketing via e-mail. Charlotte Meindersma, the marketing lawyer of the Netherlands, shares her best tips for collecting.

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