Not even today’s masterpiece without its counterpart past. Knowing this course and relationship determines our judgment of the work of art but even more importantly our enjoyment. Consequently no one tries to exclude the personal choices and preferences of each person towards art. Only he has to accept and understand that they are less subjective and more objective than he thinks. Objective knowledge will give him the right to subjectivity. And as she grows older she will find that her subjectivity suffers serious blows in favor of informed judgment. But without objective knowledge ever obliterating the personality of the creative receiver.

After all this is exactly

What makes the difference between the mediocre and the genius creator or receiver. AN EXPRESSIVE MEANS Even before the fashion of communication Logo Designs Service art found recognition in the eyes of many as a means by which man expresses himself. However if through communication I was forced to take the distances I mentioned above I will take even greater distances from the unilateral exploitation of expression by art. And this because I am not allowed to deny any human activity its expressive potential. Man lives and expresses himself constantly. If again with this common place which everyone easily evokes it is implied that art is the only way to spontaneously express one’s psyche the fallacy is even more bitter.

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It is thus recognized

That art is not spontaneity but a place of practice discipline apprenticeship and hard work. That art is subject to rules and that spontaneity plays very Mailing Data Pro little role in creation. With the Casual Events of Song Dance and Play That. Often . Events Relaxing and Necessary Not Related to the Creation. Of an Artistic Work. After All It Would Be Completely Arbitrary and Selfish. To Arbitrarily Monopolize the Expressive Need and Possibility. Property of Every Human Being at the Service of Art as Strong. As the Foundations of the Relationship Between Art and Expression. Are in Common Perception the Roots That Want the Artist. To Be the Servant of His Art Are Equally Deep. This Perception is Wrong in Many Ways. And Above All Because It Gives Art a Value Beyond. On the Other Hand It Frees Man From His Own Responsibility.

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