They have no longer blanketed Burkina Faso Email List them, instead they had been their executioners, “he lamented. Faced with this situation, the CUTH surpassed over to the candidate of Libre the political thought of the union zone where, amongst different factors, the instantaneous Burkina Faso Email List repeal of the laws already referred to above is asked, put a prevent to outsourcing and job insecurity, guarantee appreciate for the Teacher’s Statute and ILO conventions. The most cancers of corruption On November 17, the function movie “On the edge of the shadows” (you can see it right here ), a documentary that reflects networks of corruption, impunity, territorial dispossession and violence skilled by Burkina Faso Email List using the Honduran people , became premiered in a movie theater in Tegucigalpa.

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Compelled to face evil plans working from Burkina Faso Email List the shadows. Luís Méndez, a member of the collective ‘La Cordia’ that made the documentary, explained that the goal of the work is precisely to show the general public how the corruption networks are fashioned Burkina Faso Email List and the way they’re articulated, which contain politicians, public officials, country wide and transnational economic organizations. The documentary addresses 4 areas which can be vital: the looting of Social Security and the fitness disaster because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the dispossession of territories and common goods, the co-option of the justice device and its collusion with Burkina Faso Email List corruption, prepared crime. And the criminalization of protest.


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The fourth area has to do with the idea of Burkina Faso Email List democracy in a collapsed context such as that of Honduras. Through key figures and experts, and with the participation of the cutting-edge head of the specialized economic unit against corruption networks (Puerco), Luis Javier Santos, to attach the dots, the paintings movements the floor and shakes the conscience of the human beings, evidencing Burkina Faso Email List how Honduras is managed by using a crook network that has ruled since the 2009 coup, and has end up entrenched in the country equipment. “The documentary provokes unhappiness, anger and rage, however it also leaves the feeling that we are not defeated, that it’s Burkina Faso Email List miles feasible to combat, as many corporations and those do from the territories and cities.

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