Feedback when they exhibit behavior that is not in line with the interests of the company. But they do want only constructive feedback to be given. That is why they use the so-call ‘4A principle’ at Netflix for giving and receiving feedback. The 4A principle of giving feedback assistance. You have to give the feedback with a positive intention.

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It will not be tolerate if you give feedback to express your frustration, intentionally hurt the other person or work on your political agenda. Action-orient. The feedback should focus on what the recipient can do differently. Therefore, give Pakistan WhatsApp Number List concrete tips that can lead to improvement in the future. To appreciate. Naturally, people tend to defend or explain themselves when they receive criticism.

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When you receive feedback, you have to resist this natural reaction. Ask yourself how you can show appreciation for the feedback given. Accept or put aside. In an organization like Netflix, employees get feedback from everyone. You are obligate to listen and think about the feedback you receive. But you are not obliged to follow it. It must be clear to both the feedback giver and the receiver that the receiver is ultimately allowed to decide what happens with the feedback. At Netflix, even the secretary gives feedback to the CEO.

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