Expect of her. Is an employee still performing perfectly enough? The goalkeeper test To determine whether an employee is still performing perfectly enough, they use a so-call ‘keeper test’ at Netflix. Every year at Netflix, executives have to ask themselves the question of each of the employees on their team, “If this employee said today that he or she found another job, would I do anything to change his.

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Then the employee is apparently still performing perfectly enough. If the answer to this is questionable, then it is high time to make this known to the employee in a completely transparent manner. The manager Panama WhatsApp Number List must provide concrete points for improvement and offer the employee the opportunity to improve himself for a certain period of time.

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If the answer to the question is ‘no’, or if the employee’s performance doesn’t improve after a while. Then the manager must decide to fire the employee (again with the ‘generous severance payment. As it is call at Netflix) and to be replace by a new perfect employee. According to Hastings, by continuously asking the keeper test question you ensure. That the talent density remains maximum throughout the company.

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