As Moyee Coffee does here: Example Facebook post Moyee Coffee about the story behind their sustainable products Source: Facebook page Moyee Coffee Tip 4: Shift the focus All tips have one thing in common: shift focus. You simply pay more for a sustainable product. You don’t have to deny it or cover it up. Acknowledge it and then shift the focus to the positive feeling. What does a consumer get in return? What contribution does a consumer make by buying this product?

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What is it like to be part of this community? If you focus on that as a marketer, you will automatically notice that consumers follow you. The route to loyal consumers With these tips in mind, you can now start looking at your own strategy for selling sustainable products. Are you Belarus Phone Number sufficiently transparent as a brand? Can you explain how the prices are established? Do you show the people behind the brand enough? In short, provide a story that touches you in such a way that the (higher) price becomes of minor importance. This is a great process for you as a marketer to initiate, which will gradually create a community with consumers who believe in your story and your price and are loyal to your brand.

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The structure and properties of a good brand story Don’t tell what you make, but what you make possible. Only in this way can you really convince your target group. That’s what good content marketing is all about. If you want to learn how to translate your brand DNA into valuable stories, the handy Content Marketing & Storytelling Training is for you. After the training you will walk out full of inspiration and new ideas, and you will be able to present your brand story strongly. Curious?

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