Juan Domingo Perón in Argentina, Getulio Vargas New Zealand Phone Number List in Brazil, Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, Velasco Alvarado in Peru, Salvador Allende in Chile, and all the “progressivisms” that emerged at the beginning of this century, in many cases displaced with more “refined” movements, fight against corruption, for example. Today there are no longer (so many) bloody coups, bloody and with New Zealand Phone Number List war tanks in the street, but coupssoft , technical shots . But there are also Honduras with Mel Zelaya or Bolivia with Evo Morales, displaced with armed soldiers, repression, the blood of the poor. Socialism, therefore, is not a charismatic leader: it is a real and authentic popular power New Zealand Phone Number List defending its achievements, its conquests.

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If necessary, weapons in hand. It seems that the New Zealand Phone Number List dominant trend, after the terrible dictatorships of decades ago (pedagogy of terror) and the neoliberal plans that impoverished us, is resignation . To graph it, use this example: A : I finally got a job. B : I’m glad. Congratulations! And how about the new position? A : Well… it’s not a big deal, but it’s work. After six months with nothing, something is New Zealand Phone Number List something. B : Yes, sure. You have to settle for whatever it is today. How much are they going to pay you? A : 2,500. B : But that’s not the minimum wage, is it? A : No, no… I know! Although today you have to take what comes. B : Legal benefits? Christmas New Zealand Phone Number List bonus, voucher 14, vacations, health insurance?


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No, not even thinking about it. You already New Zealand Phone Number List know how they hire you now. They take advantage. And thank goodness they didn’t ask me for my ass. B : What the fuck is it all, right? And it will not be possible to protest? A : Where to? If there are no unions. The New Zealand Phone Number List ones that remain are a clown, a string of corrupt well-to-do who only suck the bosses’ ass. B : Yes, it is true. What a beating they gave us! Right? A : That’s why you have to keep your mouth shut and accept whatever it is. I could barely get this, so now take care of it like a treasure! Culture of New Zealand Phone Number List resignation, of conformity? Or worse still: of possibilism?

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