Thus, offset markets enable the Djibouti Email List wealthy to avoid cutting GHG discharges at little cost. But why pay for emission cuts which would have happened anyway, even without being paid for via offset sales? At best, net-zero is a zero-sum game maintaining atmospheric GHG levels. But progress Djibouti Email List requires CO2 reduction, i.e., being net-negative, not just net-zero. Many carbon credits sold as offsets do not additionally remove carbon as claimed. For example, J.P. Morgan, Disney and BlackRock have all paid millions to protect forests not even under threat. A CEO agreed its offset – buying into a Tanzania forestry programmed – “is cheating”. The Djibouti Email List Economist sees carbon offsets as “cheap cheats”.

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By ramping up the supply of Djibouti Email List offsets, prices were kept low. Much scope to game the system remains. Energy-intensive companies collude and lobby against high carbon prices, insisting they damage competitiveness. Often buying in bulk, they pay too little for carbon credits to incentivize switching to renewable energy. Averaging only US$3 per tone of CO2 in 2018 cannot accelerate desirable energy transitions. Less than 5% of all offsets Djibouti Email List actually reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. A 2016 European Commission study of CDM offset projects found 85% provided no environmental benefits. Making money instead The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) – a US$130 trillion investor club of over 450 financial firms in 45 countries – was launched at COP26 in Glasgow. It is chaired by Djibouti Email List former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, now UN Specie.


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l Envoy for Climate Action and Finance. The Djibouti Email List GFANZ claims to be leveraging the power of big finance to innovatively achieve the PA goal of keeping the temperature rise over pre-industrial levels under 1.5 degrees Celsius. Advocates claim this will unlock trillions of dollars to protect forests, increase renewable energy generation and otherwise mitigate global warming. But GFANZ does not even Djibouti Email List seek to cut finance for GHG-intensive industries. GFANZ members pay ‘experts’, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and governments to achieve net-zero ‘pathways’. Offset markets have enabled environmental NGOs to make money from supposed climate mitigating Djibouti Email List projects or by certifying other schemes.

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