The digital marketing strategies of brands require creating conversations, joining others, as well as joining the trend. For this, there are digital tools, whose main function is to detect trends and current issues that are reflected in hashtags with thousands of impressions. Itself has revealed that it has content discovery features for brands, ranging from sources, blog posts, videos, images, among others. There are other tools that can be useful for brands, since they have similar functions. It has a similar use to BuzzSumo, since it collects stories on the internet that have signs of being viral, mainly from Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, as well as Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Pixabay and Giphy.

It Has A Free Plan And Three Other Premium Plans, Ranging

From $15 to $97 per month. The advantage is that it offers global results, from the buy phone number database malaysia United States, Canada to Germany. Another tool to find trends and easily, whose user interface is just as simple and navigating between it takes 5 to 10 minutes. It costs $49 per month or $490 per year. The tool works as if it were a Google or Bing search engine, since you only have to enter the topic that interests you and you will get a set of trending results that will be displayed directly. Perhaps its only drawback is that it is only in English. It is a tool to monitor website links, although its cost per month for rent is 99 dollars. Also, it tracks trends from all social networks and shows trending statistics. Also, it shows referring domains and provides.

The Option To Display Referring Domains And You Can Even Export

The results to a file. Its advantage is that it works with several languages. Graph Stories. It is a social media content discovery and monitoring tool for businesses and media agencies as they offer an intuitive and easy to navigate dashboard that takes you 10-15 minutes to navigate between its features. Provides article statistics on any topic you’re looking for. It has in its database more than 5 thousand websites. In addition, it offers a 14-day free trial for your service, the only thing is that when you want to start paying for it, you will need to provide a demo, or prove that you are a brand or medium.

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