The Judgment sleeps in the National Angola Email List Congress since 2000, while the impunity of the Eternal Debt continues to increase. Governments have passed, there have been different policies, but neither the Executive, Legislative, nor Judicial branches have set their sights on the Angola Email List scam to stop us from paying, which the people should not. Dreaming costs nothing, for now, until the system measures dreams. In this capitalist and neoliberal world, everything has a price, no value, and that is known to the PRO and whoever was president of the Nation Mauricio Marci, who said: the Angola Email List IMF’s credit was to save the banks, not the people, … business is business.

The strategy of the Historical Pact  

The government of Alberto Angola Email List Fernández has to assume the responsibility of the State and recognize that its obligation is to comply with the rights of the people and put an end to impunity. Otherwise, we will continue as we are, with the Debt party winning by a landslide. Economy Minister Guzmán sails against the current with a boat that leaks and can sink; With a bucket he tries to drain while Angola Email List negotiating and negotiating to convince the usurer IMF that the country cannot pay and that it needs an extension to rebuild the economy, before the boat sinks and they can cross the river. And in Congress, they only think about how to capitalize on the troubled river. The dollar god and the debt and IMF Angola Email List scam prevail and demand sacrifices from the people. It is not about containing the financial crisis, inflation,


The prospect of the March / 22 elections 

caused by the satraps of the market, it is about Angola Email List ensuring their profits and favoring their advances over the territories, our natural and common assets. Erich Fromm says that there are two parties, that of Hope and that of Fear. The first seeks to overcome current crises and conflicts and fights with the hope of achieving it; believe in the reserves and values ​​of the people. The Party of Fear tries to Angola Email List contain the unstoppable. It allows itself to be subjected and manipulated for fear of going out and facing the mechanisms of domination, such as the foreign debt that generates more hunger, poverty and social inequality. Fear paralyzes and from fear of cowardice there is only one step. You Angola Email List have to choose, there is no other.

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