So it’s time to start calculating the real price of a product. Mapping out the hidden costs that we are not yet paying. (…) The survey also shows that it is now more important than ever for the government to show guts. By demanding transparency Netherlands Phone Number List and calculating with real prices, a fair playing field is created.

The Trends the Marketing

The pressure on companies to act in a socially responsible and sustainable way is increasing, and according to Sylvia these also offer great opportunities for new business models. Supplement: Also interesting to look at is the Marketing Manifesto with which trade unions call on marketers to make a meaningful impact.

Netherlands Phone Number List
Netherlands Phone Number List

A man The Trends

Who thinks about online marketing. Marketing plan 2022, here we go! Trends are interesting to follow, but not every trend will be relevant to your company or organization. And some trends you will even have to ignore. To quote Jurjen Jongejan (ISM eCompany): Following trends only makes sense if your organization has the basics in order.

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