His portrayal of the ‘window-window’ is subtle and at the same time sublime – and gave visibility. The song has since become a classic, sung in English as “What Makes a Man a Man”, by artists such as Liza Minelli and Marc Almond and in Dutch as “Wat Maak Een Man Een Man” by Marijn Brouwers . The impact of this chanson still reverberates, as witnessed by the visits to my channel.

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5. Nike – You Can’t Stop Us (USA, 2020) 117,255 views, only 17 comments and 92.5% like ratio at 1,152 likes. This ad is really a beautiful piece of montage. Assembling split-screens with different sports images. It’s also a beautiful expression of diversity, winning the China Phone Number Emmy for Outstanding Commercial in 2021. The video was in response to BLM and the pandemic  and wanted to convey a message of hope. “We are never alone, and that is our strength,” says the voiceover. “Because when we doubt, we will play as one. If we are stopped, we go further and harder.

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If we’re not taken seriously, we’ll prove it wrong. And if we don’t fit in with a sport, we will change the sport.” At one point, a person is shown on a skateboard with a torch that gives off the six-colored rainbow as smoke. The clip achieved 632 million impressions within 24 hours, and already had 146 million views on the Chinese Douyin (a kind of TikTok) alone and 59 million on YouTube. In addition, he inspired almost half a million people to make such duo films. Nike also has a good reputation in the field of Marketing the Rainbow, which started in 1995 with Ric Muñoz, HIV Runner .

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