Limiting the maximum size Bermuda Email Lists of land ownership and possession; and guaranteeing the principle of the benefit of all society with respect to the goods of nature, water and biodiversity. – The reformulation of the role of the State so that it orders the process of food sovereignty, guaranteeing its production and distribution in all Bermuda Email Lists regions of the country. Direct government control over foreign trade (import/export) of food and over interest and exchange rates. Implement a broad program of small and medium agro-industries installed in all municipalities of the country, in the form of cooperatives. – The guarantee of regulatory stocks of healthy food, by the state, to ensure Bermuda Email Lists access to the entire population.

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– The guarantee of the free use, knowledge Bermuda Email Lists and improvement of seeds by the entire population and especially peasant families, as well as biodiversity and diversity of species and varieties. – A process of formalization of family farming and its local industries, establishing differentiated regulations for the authorization of slaughterhouses, adding value and processing of meat, fruit and vegetables, depending Bermuda Email Lists on the scale, and guaranteeing safety and traceability. – Public policies segmented and differentiated according to subjects, scales and particular situations. As established in the UN declaration, states must respect, protect and enforce peasants’ rights. Food sovereignty is absolutely incompatible with any strategy that attempts to place private interests of profit and accumulation above the Bermuda Email Lists interests of the population.


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It is not feasible to consolidate it Bermuda Email Lists without a radical change in agri-food systems, including a popular agrarian reform that democratizes land and places local markets at the center, and where the primary objective is healthy food at fair prices for all. This would require a great social and political urban-rural alliance, able to confront concentrated and corporate interests. Food sovereignty necessarily Bermuda Email Lists demands a structural, economic, social and political transformation that prioritizes the universal right to food over private ownership of land and the means of production and trade. The passage of Jose Antonio Kast, from the far-right Republican Party, to the second round of presidential Bermuda Email Lists elections in Chile, scheduled for December 19, is causing a stir.

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