If the corona crisis has taught us anything, it is our ability to embrace a completely new way of working. People who had never worked from home now don’t want to do anything else. Strangely enough, this pandemic has given us control to organize our work differently. And your time. You can take a walk with the dog at your time. This entails more responsibility and we immediately see the impact that the ‘new’ way of working entails.

Change With Reta Can

Without realizing it, we ended up in the future. I don’t know about you, but in the beginning I ran into old habits that were totally inappropriate at home (probably not at the office either). In the Bolivia WhatsApp Number List office I often printed minutes, memos or other reports. My printer at home ran out of ink before I got to page ten. After some resistance and many cartridges later, I decided it was time to break that habit.

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The Book is Full With Reta Can

Stop printing (unless there is really no other option) and read it digitally. After this, several habits fell and I also stopped clinging to experiences from the past. I am clearly on my way to a better work experience. In the book ‘Innoshock’ by Dirk Boe (affiliate), a transformation wheel explains how to get to the ultimate work experience. The writer wants to use this wheel to expose where things rub off in a company and where habits have become entrenched.

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