Whether it’s learning, innovating, or changing behavior, people, even with game mechanics, are hard to motivate to achieve another’s goals. Intrinsic motivation arises from our personal motivations. We get out of bed in the morning to pursue Poland Phone Number List our own goals, dreams, and aspirations. Drivers that direct behavior and motivation. Do you want gamification to succeed?

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Then you need to know what the personal motivations of your target group are. And – more importantly – where these overlap with your organization’s goals. That’s the sweet spot of gamification. And it’s essential for game design. Work closely with your gamification agency on this. They know the tools, you know your people.

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Poland Phone Number List

If you don’t know how to handle this properly, it helps to make a before-and-after list. What does the player know, think, feel, do before he plays ‘the game’, and what has it done for him and your organization (what does it know, think, feel, do) when ‘the game’ is finished? Tip 3. Choose game mechanics that suit your target audience A good tool to find out what drives your target group.

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