For example, where do you draw the line between the truth and an attractive marketing story? How do you determine the reliability of sources when creating content? And how do you ensure that you do not accidentally spread fake news yourself? By learning more about fake news, you as a marketer can better answer these questions. And win (back) the trust of your target group. Part of that is learning to recognize the different types of fake news. 7 types of fake news According to Claire Wardle (PhD), there are seven different types of fake news . She places those seven kinds on a scale of deception.

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The scale starts on the left with information that was created without malicious intent, but that can sometimes be misleading. Think of satire, an innocent meme, or a typo (misinformation). The further to the right you go, the more the creator has the Mexico Phone Number evil intent to trick you. Then we are talking about things like propaganda and scams (disinformation). Claire Wardle’s 7 Types of Fake News Source: What is the difference between these types of fake news? And what do they look like in practice? Let me take you along with some current examples.

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Satire/parody Satire and parodies ( satire or parody , in Wardle’s words) are usually harmless. They are meant to make you think, or to make you laugh. And while a lot of satire and parodies are obviously fake, there are always a few people who fall for it anyway. This category of fake news is common in marketing. Just think of all the inhakers we share on April 1th . We share them for fun and with no ill intentions. But there are always a few people who really believe that the Hema sells boxer shorts inside out. 2. Incorrect connection An incorrect connection ( false connection ) occurs if the title, image or captions of content do not accurately reflect what the content is really about. An incorrect connection mainly occurs in sensational gossip columns and – certainly on social media – in the form of clickbait .

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