However these online identifiers are consider personal data under the GDPR. Although that personal data can be encrypt according to the.  GDPR this hash data is still consider personal data and valid visitor consent is  to collect and process it. An objection that now weighs even more heavily is that the data collected via Google Analytics is in principle always accessible to the American authorities. Google Analytics is not a localiz service which means that.  For example it cannot be host on a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) running in an EU data center. If that were possible, it would in theory be possible to provide additional security for that data, for example by means of encryption.

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But if the American authorities so request, Google is still obliged under the American CLOUD Act of 2018 to hand over both the data and any encryption keys. So back to square one. Piwik PRO – No Privacy Google Luxembourg Phone Number Analytics Google’s business model However, the central problem of using Google Analytics is Google’s revenue model. This is based on the collection and further use of data about website visitors. For example to improve Google’s own (paid) services. Data collected through Google Analytics is shared with users of other. Google products, such as Google Ads, YouTube and Google AdSense.

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With this data, it is then possible for Google to create user profiles and thereby combine data from different sources. The privacy-sensitive profiles that are built up in this way are made available to third parties. In a response to the news about the GDPR, Google states that “Google Analytics cannot be us to track people across the web or in apps. That it “does not create user profiles”, but they are getting around things.

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