Tupperware posted revenue of $2.213 billion. According to statista projections which placed the. Company 41st among the world’s leading home. Appliance companies in mexico the brand has. Become especially popular with the trend of the. So-called “Godínez”, who are directly related to. The use of these utensils at lunchtime in the. Offices the mothers of families have always had. An intrinsic relationship with the company and. Have inherited the baton from their children. However, a brand that is not in step with the trends is doomed to disappear, which is why tupperware got on board with voice technology. Assistants is it a good option to invest in bitcoin?
Thus the first tupperware capable of connecting. With alexa to notify when food is about to expire. Emerged the smarterware is a system. Compatible with the “Tuper” and the amazon. Alexa voice assistant it’s basically a bluetooth-enabled. Button that you can attach to a tupperware. Container the user will need to assign a smarttag to. Each item to start the countdown of its expiration. Once the user tags it but you also have. The option to change the time if you wish.

The Tag Illuminates Green to Indicate That the Meal Has

Recently been tagged and remains green until half the expected duration of the meal has elapsed. When it’s yellow, that means the food is close to expiration, so it’s time to eat or cook it. Red indicates that the Czechia B2b List food should be thrown away. The consumer can keep track of what is in the fridge and how long it will stay fresh, but also provides tips and recipes on how what is in storage can be used. This system would arrive on the market in 2019 and would cost 60 dollars. It will work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Assistants a Dominant Trend According to the Study Convers

Czechia B2b List

Commerce: Why Consumers Are Embracing Voice Assistants in Their Lives, close to 50 percent of consumers have used a voice assistant at least once. Google Assistant tops the list among the most “intelligent” assistants, both in its version for the Google Home speaker and for smartphones, followed by Cortana, Alexa and, lastly, Siri. virtual-assistants From the 2018 National Marketing Congress.

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