Poor sales of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus forced Apple to cut back on its production orders, with even its shares down 2.23 percent. However, instead of discouraging the company, the opposite happened, as its pre-sales of the iPhone X sold out in minutes, and the firm expects to sell 20 million units this 2017. Now, the question is what use can the millions of smartphones of previous versions that are falling into disuse. According to eMarketer, Apple could sell up to 240 million iPhones in 2018 , which raises questions about what uses its old units could have, since it is about millions of smartphones.


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California has not shared with its consumers some plan to dispose of iPhones. However, an old Apple cell phone can have various uses , among which are: Sell ​​it on the Bulgaria WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists internet. There are several recognized second-hand e-commerce websites, such as eBay, Mercado Libre, and even Amazon, since you could earn profits based on the capacity of your iPhone, in addition to the fact that there is a market of collectors who pay high amounts for each model. . Websites like Amazon provide gift cards for a preset amount. And you can even mail your smartphone to the company.


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For the iPhone 6S 16 GB and 6S Plus provide profits of 200 to 230 dollars per unit. Save it as backup. From using it as a tablet or as a backup mini-hard drive, every time, smartphones have more uses of “backup” devices. In addition, the more time passes, the older iPhones become more valuable among collectors.

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