In its third financial report, Netflix revealed. That it obtained revenues of 2,984 million dollars. While the company managed to add 5,300,000. New subscribers , and subscriptions from abroad added to profits, more than 1,327 million dollars. Apparently, Netflix continues to cause a stir among its subscribers and among netizens, due to its constant campaigns on social networks and the content they offer. However, the idea circulated on the internet that the company wanted to look “innovative”.


Netflix is ​​preparing a political series that would

Consist of 7 episodes that would portray the risks of populism for Mexico as well as interview various political actors, including the leader of Morena himself, to Bolivia Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists contrast his point of view on some issues” Do you want to start investing? These 9 sectors could be the best option to start. This rumor arose from Carlos. Mota assuring in El Heraldo de México that Netflix.


Was preparing said project, but the company issued

A statement denying the matter. Netflix is ​​not involved in said production. Even though the information was false, social media users began to criticize the company, showing that getting into political marketing is probably not the best strategy for the firm at the moment.

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