Since the premiere of the Netflix series, listening to Luis Miguel’s songs has risen 64 percent. Just yesterday we reported that the Uniendo Voces Theater Collective took up the original soundtrack of The Greatest Showman, changing the lyrics, favoring the presidential candidate, José Antonio Meade. This led to negative comments towards the political party, the candidate and the video itself, leading to the elections in Mexico. However, the massacre towards the songs does not stop and today it is the PRD that is carrying out a similar action, only with the song When the sun heats up, by Luis Miguel. Is it a good option to invest in bitcoin?
“When the sun rules in your district,you will have an ally near you;
mMore security, more jobs.

More Services,more Supports, With Your Vote When the Sun Rules

The choice of theme does not seem casual, since in Mexico. Luis Miguel, the Singapore Business Fax List series has content consumers on Netflix, attentive every Sunday. Every week it appears in trend on social networks, its popularity is undeniable. The streaming platform Spotify announced that the reproductions of songs such as.

“Guilty or Not” Increased by 4 Thousand Percent, and That

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Since the premiere of the series, listening to Luis Miguel’s songs has risen 64 percent . This is not a new practice, since music has always been an ally in political marketing strategies, but criticism on social networks can be a factor against them.

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