Cerveza Victoria led trends in social networks. After launching its campaign: #LoChingónDeRusia. Which is part of a set of spots that complete what the brand has managed for a long time. The campaign was a focus of attention. For users of social networks and media. Since it refers to the president of Russia. Vladimir Putin, using precisely his last name. The stadium, Ehhhhhh, Putin! !! Although Internet users welcomed her. Highlighting her creativity, the authorities at the Russian Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) did not consider it the same way. The Undersecretary of Foreign Relations, Carlos de Icaza González, offered a press conference in which he announced the behavior manual for Mexicans attending the 2018 World Cup in Russia and communicated, in addition to its details, that:
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“officially, Grupo Modelo, and to Avoid Any Misunderstanding

Of substituting an inappropriate shout for a greeting to the leader of that country, Modelo will not continue with that advertising campaign”. Last week, the Russian ambassador in Mexico, Eduard Malayán, declared that it was “unacceptable as it does not correspond to the values ​​of a sports tournament.” You can consult the manual in this link. There will be almost 6 thousand Mexicans who will travel from Mexico to the Buy Panama Whatsapp Numbers World Cup. The SRE manual reiterates that: Those public. Manifestations related to sexual and gender. As well as “expressions of affection between same-sex couples”.

As They Are Not Generally Accepted in Russia and Can Lead

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To physical and verbal aggression. Image: SRE. “The most important thing for compatriots who go to Russia is that they follow and obey the laws and local uses and customs; It is the central aspect of this preventive campaign to know what they should do to avoid getting into complicated situations”. In the social networks of the brewery, the spots and other promotions alluding to this campaign are no longer available. We are waiting for the brand’s response.

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