Specializing in the preparation of visual identification systems for this purpose. Thanks to this, we will be sure that the whole thing was based on a thorough analysis of the goals, strategies and assumptions of the brand. Of course, the creation process will not be possible without the constant involvement of the owner of the company. It is best when the cooperation proceeds in stages. It is worth focusing on the most important elements first, i.e. logo, website design, marketing and promotional materials, business cards, letterhead, etc. Other elements will complement this base. Remember that all ideas, concepts and inspirations cannot be a copy of another company under any circumstances. In this matter, it is worth focusing on originality.

Which will interest and help build a group

Of customers around the brand. You must be aware that the entire process of creating an identity is complex and must take time. And even T-Shirt Design Service when  it is created, you need to analyze what works on an ongoing basis, and what elements should be changed. Do not be afraid of this, because it proves the development and self-awareness of the company. A business card is one of the basic elements of visual identification . It performs not only an informative function, but also an advertising one. For this reason, several important rules must be followed when designing it. Preparing a business card for printing – what to do at the very beginning? Although preparation for printing is associated with the last stage of design.

T-Shirt Design Service

Some aspects should be taken care

Of at the very beginning. By following the guidelines, there will be no need to change the composition of the project at the end of the work. It is also Mailing Data Pro a guarantee of correct printing of business cards. One of the first things to keep in mind is bleeds . The cut-off areas require an enlargement of the working area on each side by 2 mm. The standard dimensions of business cards for the Polish market are 50×90 mm. After adding bleeds, the project should have dimensions of 54×94 mm. A similar principle should be applied when designing business cards for the European or Scandinavian market. In the first case, the format of the business card is 55×85 mm (59×89 mm with bleeds), while in the second the dimensions are 55×90 mm (59×94 mm with bleeds). Another important aspect is the inside margins.

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