In addition, a new operating system is not immediately updated by every user. This can even take months. To illustrate, only 85% of modern iPhones are currently running on iOS 14 since its launch in September 2020. It is therefore likely Dominican Republic Phone Number List that not all Apple Mail app users will come into direct contact with Mail Privacy Protection. However, this will immediately result in a higher open rate than what is actually the case and this effect will only increase as the adoption of the new operating.

Marketers Never system increases

It is also good to realize that Apple’s previous privacy measures have been positively recei by its users. For example, the protection against third-party cookies in apps introdu earlier. This year has been access by more than 95% of users in the United States. These moves by Apple, positioning itself as a privacy champion, fit in with a broader trend of tech giants taking privacy safeguards.

Dominican Republic Phone Number List
Dominican Republic Phone Number List

In response to increasing consumer awareness and possible stricter legislation. The disappearance of third-party cookies in all browsers is an example of this. In the field of e-mail, Apple is currently the only one. Photo of an Apple iPhone. These are the consequences for email marketing Due to the launch of Apple Mail Privacy Protection, an open rate is therefore unreliable.

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