Then you are not looking for an absolute number, but you are looking at the structure of the answer. 3. Passion over intelligence In the past, our applicants filled out a DISC test. But when we made the final assessment of candidates, it didn’t matter Bahamas Phone Number List at all what the result was. As long as there was genuine enthusiasm for online marketing.

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A healthy dose of reflection told us that ‘passion for the job’ was always an important argument. It was very logical, but not yet made tangible in our recruitment process. We saw that if you work from a passion, you are better at what you do. That’s why we’re more likely to hire someone with determination and potential than a seasoned marketer who may already lack some energy.

Bahamas Phone Number List
Bahamas Phone Number List

Several colleagues started with us without any experience in digital marketing. What they do have is a large portion of authentic enthusiasm. Of course, a strong onboarding is necessary if you hire inexperienced profiles. It takes a lot of time and effort to train new employees. How do you test ‘passion’ when recruiting? Ask applicants why digital marketing excites them.

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