You can gain multiple insights and draw conclusions from a large amount of data. There are two reflexes that a digital marketer can have to keep everything manageable. Zoom out and understand the bigger picture. As a marketer, this is usually Azerbaijan Phone Number List economic growth for a customer. Looking at the problem with the right mindset and/or frameworks to find good insights and solutions.

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Frameworks help marketers tremendously in identifying the needs and desired effects of campaigns. There are hundreds of frameworks you can use, but don’t be embarrassed to create one yourself that will help you. We are big fans of the BCG Matrix for digital channels. How do you test someone’s abstract thinking ability?

Azerbaijan Phone Number List
Azerbaijan Phone Number List

Ask candidates to explain marketing or any business-related topic to a preschooler. Then see if the candidate divides the complicated subject into manageable, understandable blocks. Ask an open-ended question and see if the applicant can build a solid answer with a simple framework. For example, the question, “How many smartphones are sold annually in the United States?”

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