Internal communication is a neglected child. Every company does it, but often it doesn’t go beyond mass communication. Whoops, an e-mail to the entire company and you’re done. That can be different! You should approach an internal communication campaign in the Latvia Phone Number same way as a marketing campaign. That also means that you have to keep measuring and optimizing. But when is internal communication successful and how do you measure that? Internal communication as a marketing campaign The Funk-e team has written a book on internal communication. In ‘Communicating Change: Transforming Internal blabla into digital aHa’ they take you through the steps of a successful internal communication campaign.

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They look suspiciously like the steps marketers go through for an external marketing campaign. According to the authors, you should also look at it that way as an organization. Employees are your internal Latvia Phone Number customer and you want to market something to them. A new IT system, different rules or a fun outing. However, it is often difficult to measure whether your internal communication is successful. For example, if you want employees to behave differently, it is difficult to interview everyone. Below are some tips to help you determine what to measure and how to do it. 1. Determine the channels Your internal target group cannot possibly be one target group.

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Things on which you can segment the internal target group are, for example, department, time that someone works at the organization or the involvement of employees in what you want to communicate. There is therefore a good chance that you will use multiple channels to reach the Latvia Phone Number different groups of colleagues. To determine which channels are the most suitable, first ask yourself these three questions: Which channels have you used for internal communication so far? Which channels do you have access to, but are not using yet? Are there channels in between that you were not aware of?


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