Ultimately, you rewrite a lot, but based on existing knowledge and insights. Take notes on paper. Personal knowledge management system your external second brain. A second or external brain is a term Pakistan Phone Number often used for this type of note. Also called a personal knowledge management system (PKM). A collection of notes that constantly increase in value. From which you periodically compose an article, presentation, training or quotation. The idea of ​​external cognition is older than Forte’s thinking and also the foundation of Getting Things Done . David Allen leaves in his book Getting Things Done. Showing the art of stress-free productivity how committing to committing gives you more peace of mind than if they’re haunting your mind.

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You also have more control over tasks in a row than if you – with all the biases that entail – try to remember what you wanted to do today. Use your head to think about things. Not to think about things. In Pakistan Phone Number short, it is useful for both tasks and all kinds of notes to record them, so that you do not try to solve this with your memory. Cupboards vs. Sub-Subfolders The core of the classic work How to take Smart Notes refers to the so-called Zettelkasten system, in other words a cupboard full of cards with information. One of the best-known users of this method is Niklas Luhmann, who published some 70 books and 400 articles in the second half of the last century.

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He constantly jotted down ideas, insights, quotes, conversation summaries or books on small note cards and linked them together with a numbering system. Luhmann was able to take a card and find all the cards linked to it from that one card. He rewrote cards, made new cards and added them back Pakistan Phone Number between the existing cards. In doing so, he had a decentralized system, where each node contains several other nodes. In this system, one sentence can be just as much a card as 10 pieces of advice from a book.

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