Much more clearly visible but without ever being able to wrap itself around the formula of a definition. Things are even more blurred in our time where any activity the external elements of which refer to artistic work is quick to define itself as art. This is supposed to ennoble her and give her social prestige. Thus whoever draws is considered a painter whoever writes is considered a writer. Adding to this confusion is the ambiguity about the characteristics of art. For example esthetics is considered by most to be an artistic dimension while on the one hand one finds esthetics fortunately in many objects and activities nonartistic of everyday life and on the other hand.

I don’t see how one could characterize Picasso’s

Misses of Avignon as a tasteful’ painting. Those Characteristics That Would Somehow. Clarify the Landscape Are Again So Abstract That. The Relevant Definition Real Estate Photo Editing Ends Up in Ambiguity Again. The Spirituality for Example of the Work of Art While. Something Real is Not Something Certain. As Also if We Refer to the Necessary Inclusion of the Work of Art on the Body of the History of the. Specific Art Form or the Discipline of an Artistic Language. Or the Formation of Personal Elements of Language Again in the Mind of a Reasonable but Unfamiliar. With the Artistic Event Observer This Will All Sound Arbitrary. Often the Purpose of Art Helps to Define It. And This is Because Art is Essentially Pointless.

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Consequently when a work

A primary purpose other than art we can say that any artistic embellishments are there to serve the primary and nonartistic purpose. A photograph whose main Mailing Data Pro objective is the advertisement of a commodity and its wider dissemination and sale is logical to put all its expressive resources at the service of this purpose. Even its originality or its elegance must submit to the whims of its basic intentions. The fact that at a marginal level such an image can possibly after serving its basic purpose also exist as a work of art is such a singular exception that we do not consider it. . distance from it. But the same is not the case with entertainment. Usually the majority of the world considers art to be entertainment and trampoline so that these two areas are almost identical. But entertainment especially in our time obeys laws and directions.

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