In Mexico, consumers will invest approximately 556 pesos in their Halloween costume. On October 31, a dozen countries celebrate Halloween or Halloween. With costumes, parties and walks through the streets to ask for and receive sweets. In Mexico, consumers will invest approximately 556 pesos in their costume and 557 pesos on average in decorating and buying sweets.

Thus, brands are attentive from previous dates to launch

Their best ideas in marketing and advertising. Doritos did its part with the packaging. A unique or creative packaging can be the reason why a consumer is attracted to Buy Argentina WhatsApp Number Database the product that the brands offer, hence its importance. 52.5 percent of Mexican consumers revealed to the Department that the differentiation of a brand is essential to choose it. For this reason, at this time of Halloween, the brand launched its Roulette del Diablo edition, with packaging that looks terrifying in the dark.

Facebook has released Halloween face filters

Camera stickers, which will be available until November 1 on the social network co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg. The costume firm Halloween Costumes sparked conversations. On social networks due to the launch of a costume. For the occasion of Anne Frank, a girl of Jewish descent who died. In a concentration camp at the time of World War II.

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