Twitter has not wanted to leave anything adrift and is. Committed to outdoor advertising associated with. Politics to achieve its growth goals in mexico. Markets like mexico social networks have a promising. Future data provided by statista calculate that. During 2018 there will be more than. 58.69 million users of these platforms in mexico. A figure that during 2019 would reach 61.15 million. The path could be ideal for platforms like. Facebook and twitter; however capitalizing on. This trend will require more than years of market history. This is well known from twitter. Until the end of 2017 it was estimated. That the social network of the little blue bird had a base of. Active users in the country of 328 million which placed. Mexico as the second country -only below. Brazil- more important in this regard in latin america. And the sixth worldwide these figures promise to. Rise significantly driven by the presidential elections and. The world cup in russia events that have already. Shown that they will put twitter as one. Of the protagonists in the conversation dynamics.

Although There Are Good Chances That This Momentum Will Happen

Organically, the reality is that Twitter. Has not wanted to leave anything adrift and. Politics to achieve its growth goals. With an invitation for users to generate questions. Build conversations and put on the Denmark B2b List table the issues that. They would like the presidential candidates. To address both in the electoral process and in the different. Official debates the objective of the effort is to say of. The brand promote an informed vote. As well as create a space in which voters can add to. The issues of interest during the electoral process.

The Creative Action Was Developed in Collaboration With Clear

Denmark B2b List

154 digital screens distributed in the. Guadalajara Monterrey Puebla the. State of Mexico and Cancun. It is important to mention that. The campaign uses photos by photographers. Santiago Arau and Erick Sánchez who try to. Migration mobility and corruption.

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